Kike Bodi

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Welcome to my webpage

Hi, I’m Kike Bodi, a software engineer and IT entrepreneur with more than 8 years of experience.

I love to build new products and enjoy viewing the people using them. The most satisfying conversation I had was when a user of my Aluzz app told me: “This is the future”.
In short, this is what technology should do. To make processes more efficient and life easier.

I also care about sports, nutrition and health, creativity can’t flow in a stopped body. I really think that persistence pays off and recently got my Karate black belt degree.

I’m fascinated by the Startup world. It’s a very high demanding environment where you have to use not only the knowledge you have about technology but also in life.

In this blog I will write about Entrepreneurship, Software Development (both technical and management points of view) and Sports.

To make this a bit more understandable I will sort each post in any of these categories:


My thoughts, experience and knowledge about the Startup world (and probably some tricks).

Software development

Both Software development and Project management for fast growing Startups. Scrum, LEAN and a lot more!

Sports & Health

How sports make us happier, healthier and better people (and also how I try to contribute with that).