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  • October 2021


    Android based POS (point-of-sale) enrouting system that connects safely 3rd party peripherals with a payment application.

  • September 2021

    Heylo Ostomy Care

    Heylo® is a new clinically proven innovation from Coloplast – a digital leakage notification system. This is a brand new solution for leakage, that makes checking for leakage easier and faster so you can feel confident and take control and stop a leakage before an incident occurs.

  • November 2020


    Digital health coach designed to support patients to maximize treatment outcomes and manage their weight more effectively through offering comprehensive lifestyle, emotional, and behavioural change support.

  • November 2019

    Growth Journey

    Growth Journey is a smart child growth tracking app for children aged 2 years and older. The app uses augmented reality to help you track your child’s growth regularly. It’s simple, click a picture of your child standing next to an adult.

  • February 2020


    The Pathfinder8 app is developed for people and parents to children with Haemophilia A treated with N8-GP. The aim of the app is to assist people with haemophilia to self manage their condition and stay on top of their treatment by delivering a variety of features.

  • November 2019

    Diabetes Journey

    Diabetes Journey is a simple decision support service that delivers transparency and advice to HCPs treating patients with Type 2 diabetes. The app uses guidelines and clinical evidence to objectively recommend the best medications for the HCP to consider, leading to the ideal personalized treatment options for their patients.

  • February 2020


    The HaemMemo app is designed to accompany you in your daily hemophilia treatment. This free app offers you help so you don't forget to use your medication and reminds you when to request medication again so you don't run out of it. You can store your personal prophylaxis schedule in a few steps. HaemMemo is intended for people who are treated for hemophilia A with an extended half-life Novo Nordisk factor product.

  • April 2018


    Fantasy footbal made social

  • August 2017


    Digital companion for Cortrium C3 ECG.

  • June 2018


    Appnaerobic allows you to perform the Conconi test. With this effort test, you will get your anaerobic threshold, which is the limit between the aerobic and anaerobic zone.

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